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Why should your child get involved in dance?

dreamdance Academy offers dance classes that will improve your child's overall self confidence, creativity and health

Aside from promoting fitness and well being, why should your child get involved in dance? The dance classes at dreamdance Academy of Duluth, MN build self-esteem and social development. Our dance teachers promote expression, smiling and self-development in a fun and interactive environment. Your child will learn to look at him- or herself in the mirror with confidence and poise. We are able to stimulate this kind of self-realization and education by promoting a collaborative environment between students and instructor. Your child will learn to communicate with teacher and fellow students, while also learning the importance of teamwork in group dances.

Whether you child is more interested in tap or ballet, we can help! Here is a list of the different kinds of dance classes we offer:

  • Ballet Dance Classes
  • Boy Dance Classes
  • Tap/Ballet Combo Dance Classes
  • Hip-Hop Dance Classes
  • Jazz Dance Classes

  • Lyrical Dance Classes
  • Musical Theatre Dance Classes
  • Tap Dance Classes
  • Tumbling Classes

We focus on individual improvement.

We understand the hesitancy about signing up for group dance classes. You may be concerned that your child will not receive enough personal attention. But at dreamdance Academy, this will not be a concern. Our studio director’s background in elementary education is incorporated into trainings to ensure that instructors, while having a full class to teach, will focus on each student individually. Individual coaching and being able to pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses will be vital to their development as a dancer. In all of our dance classes—whether hip hop, ballet, jazz or something else—a healthy and progressive instructor/student relationship is of the utmost importance

Ballet Special

If a dancer registers for a Ballet Class, they can add a second dance class for only $20.00 more a month!

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