Studio Director, Peter Myre, has been dancing since he was in first grade.  His mom took him to an aerobics class in kindergarten and she says he loved it so much, that she enrolled him in dance the following year.  He began is dancing career at Claudia’s School of Dance.  A couple of years later he switched studios and began dancing at Electric Youth at the age of eight.  A few years later Electric Youth became Dance Escape.  Peter continued his dancing career at Dance Escape until his senior year of high school.


Upon graduating high school, in 2001, Peter was asked to teach the following year at Dance Escape.  He began teaching younger kids at first, and two years later he became a competition team teacher and choreographer.  In 2007, he was awarded a Choreography Award by the Star Power Dance Competition for his lyrical dance, “They Weren’t There” starring eight beautiful, dedicated, and hard-working young ladies.  As a teacher at Dance Escape, Peter had some amazing opportunities to take classes from famous, well-known dancers and choreographers including Wade Robson (a choreographer for SYTYCD, Britney Spears, and more), Marty Dew (a hip hop dancer in many movies and TV shows), Doug Caldwell, and many more.  Peter has also had the opportunity to take 15 dancers to dance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, and took nine dancers to Las Vegas to attend the Tremaine Dance Convention July 28-30, 2010.  While in Las Vegas four of his dancers competed.


dreamdance Academy began as a dream for Peter.  It has been an amazing journey creating a welcoming environment for kids of all ages to learn the art of dance.  His goal is to push his dancers out of the box.  He likes to create dances that push creative boundaries that create stories,  giving his dancers the task of telling the stories through their dancing abilities.


Dance is an amazing outlet for kids. The different styles of dance allow the dancers to become a characters, forgetting their troubles for a place in time.  Peter always encourages his dancers to leave it on the dance floor and dance out any frustrations they may have.  Dance teaches them how to work as a team and to push themselves.


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